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House Cleaners in Kansas City Keeping you 100% Healthy —Is your home “drop-by-from-your-mother-in-law” ready? It would be if you hired professional house cleaners in Kansas City like Mini Maid. Or would you find yourself caught off guard, scrambling to locate cleaning supplies as the doorbell chimes its unwelcome tune? Prioritizing cleanliness has benefits that extend beyond just leaving a good impression on visitors or ensuring your home is always Instagram-ready. Our experts on house cleaning in Kansas City will look into the topic to explore five subtle yet significant health advantages that come with maintaining a spotless and organized living environment.


House Cleaners in Kansas City

Continue reading to discover five unexpected health advantages of maintaining a tidy home with our expert house cleaners in Kansas City.

1. Less Stress
Clutter and chaos are less likely to overwhelm or stress you out when your home is kept tidy. Studies indicate that a decrease in stress and distractions from clutter is positively correlated with increased productivity with professional house cleaners in Kansas City.

This is due to the fact that a clean home has fewer distractions vying for your attention. Those who work from home will particularly benefit from this. Hiring professional deep cleaning services in Kansas City can further reduce stress if you don’t have time to clean your home yourself.

2. A Higher Probability of Eating Well
You’re more likely to reach for high-calorie, highly processed foods when you’re under a lot of stress. Maintaining a clean home will help you feel less stressed. You’ll consequently be more likely to choose nutritious meals and snacks with the help of expert house cleaners in Kansas City.

Furthermore, since it will probably be simpler to find, a clean home—and an organized kitchen in particular—can help you find and prepare healthful food.

3. Improved Rest
Are you having trouble falling asleep at night because your mind is racing with all the things you need to get done? Is your bedroom too cluttered for you to handle? Our experts on house cleaning in Kansas City will help you feel more at ease when it’s time to go to bed at night if you keep your house tidy, especially your bedroom.

Getting a decent night’s sleep each night will help you wake up feeling more refreshed and prepared to tackle more work the following day. Additionally, getting enough sleep boosts your immunity and lowers your chance of getting sick.

House Cleaners in Kansas City

  1. Less Contact with Germs
    Naturally, maintaining a clean home also reduces the amount of germs and allergens that you are exposed to.Maintaining a clean home is especially crucial if you or any members of your family suffer from conditions like allergies, asthma, or colds. This will allow everyone to breathe comfortably and remain as healthy as possible. That’s why hiring professional house cleaners in Kansas City could be beneficial to your health.

    5. Avoid Infestations
    Because a clean home keeps rodents and insects out, it also lowers the risk of illness and exposure to germs.

Food waste particularly attracts rodents and insects, which are known to harbor a variety of dangerous illnesses. Maintaining a clean and well-maintained home will make it much easier to ward off pests.

Mini Maid, a premier maid service in Kansas City, knows that common household cleaners can sometimes be causing more harm than good. Another reason hiring a house cleaning service in Kansas could be so important if you have young children cleaning chemicals can be fatal. The majority of cleaning products for the home are dangerous for kids. A number of common household chemicals to allergies.

The majority of cleaning products for the home are dangerous for kids. Research has connected a number of common household chemicals to allergies. They are the cause of psychological disorders, cancer, and birth defects. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission the number of asthma cases has increased by 59% since 1970. Asthma has affected children younger than 15 years old at a rate higher than 41 percent. Professionals in healthcare find the data concerning.


Avoid the following chemicals in household cleaning products:


According to the Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry, inhaling formaldehyde can cause irritation to the upper respiratory tract, which includes the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, if exposure to the chemical is high. It might result in cancer of the throat and nose. It irritates the skin. It will cause gastrointestinal tract inflammation if taken orally. Although a few small cases have been documented, occupational asthma is uncommon.

Using formaldehyde-containing products indoors can raise concentration levels that could be dangerous. One kind of flammable gas that is colorless at room temperature is formaldehyde. According to the ATSDR, determining the degree of harm a substance will cause requires taking into account a number of individual factors. Humans, animals, and plants all naturally produce formaldehyde. That’s why hiring professional house cleaners in Kansas City could be beneficial to your health.

Formaldehyde exposure can occur through skin contact, ingestion, or inhalation. It is present in cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and wood products. Additionally, it is present in permanent press fabrics, paints, varnishes, and commercial cleaning supplies.

The material only enters your bloodstream at high concentrations when you breathe it in and travels to your respiratory tract. The digestive tract is where it enters your body when you ingest it through food or water. Mini Maid provides professional house cleaning in Kansas City, and will help you feel more at ease because we will take on the use of cleaning liquids containing the substance will cause skin penetration into your system.

Excessive exposure to ammonia can cause blindness, lung damage, or even death. Even a small exposure will cause irritation to the throat, nose, and cough. The chemical will burn your mouth and throat if you swallow it. It will also irritate your stomach.

Children younger than six should not be exposed to ammonia. It is a colorless gas with an overpowering, stifling smell. Both the natural world and the human body contain it. It helps the body synthesize other molecules, including protein. It is present in explosives, plastics, water purification systems, and fertilizer. Moreover, pesticides, textiles, dyes, liquid dish soaps, and other chemicals contain it. The majority of ammonia exposure occurs through inhaling fumes.

The New York State Department of Health [4] states that breathing, swallowing, or coming into contact with ammonia through the skin will cause damage to the body’s cells. The extent of the exposure determines the damage. You will feel a burning sensation in your throat, nose, and eyes. That’s why hiring professional house cleaners in Kansas City could be beneficial to your health.

Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) sodium
Prolonged exposure to SLS can harm skin, hair, and eyes, according to Dr. Mercola [5]. In addition to cancer, it can also lead to immunological issues. SLS can cause eye irritation when used in high concentrations. The majority of detergents, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and other personal care items contain this foaming agent.

However, the chemicals enter your bloodstream straight away when you come into contact with them through your skin. The chemicals end up in your organs because there is nothing to filter them out. They will eventually become poisonous as they sit and build up in your vulnerable organs over time. This is just another reason why you can stay healthier by hiring professional house cleaners in Kansas City.

It is crucial that you take care of your skin. It prevents dangerous infections from entering the internal organs. It uses sweat to eliminate waste. Those who provide professional house cleaning in Kansas City will help you feel more at ease when they take on the harmful bacteria. In addition to providing a safe haven for beneficial bacteria, it maintains a normal body temperature. It might not perform at its best if you expose it to dangerous chemicals.

House Cleaners in Kansas City

Different but Healthier Cleaning Methods
It is still advisable to read the label, even if the product claims to be natural. Natural ingredients can be used to make cleaning agents. One quart of water and one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice can be combined to create a glass cleaner. After spraying it on the glass, clean it with a gentle cloth.

One pint of mineral or vegetable oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice can be combined to make furniture polish.

It is not necessary to use hazardous chemicals to remove the smell from carpets. The affected area can be covered with baking soda, which should be left on for fifteen minutes. After that, vacuum the area.

Replace mothballs with white peppercorns, lavender flowers, rosemary, cedar chips, or mint.

Hiring Expert House Cleaners in Kansas City

Having to deal with allergies is already annoying enough that why you might want to consider green cleaning by hiring the best house cleaners in Kansas City. Increasing the severity of the symptoms will make your issues worse. It makes sense to use all-natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals that contain formaldehyde, ammonia, and SLS. You can make your own cleaning agents at home with natural ingredients found in your kitchen to ensure they are chemical-free. Reducing the incidence of respiratory diseases like asthma can be achieved by using natural products.


Looking for a sparkling clean home or office without lifting a finger? Say no more! At Mini Maid of Johnson County, we’re not just another cleaning service in Kansas City. We’re the Johnson County fairy godmothers of tidiness, the KC wizards of wipe-downs, and the Kansas superheroes of sanitation.

With over 40 years of experience under our vacuum belts, Mini Maid has mastered the art of house cleaning in Kansas City, commercial cleaning services in Kansas City, and even those deep cleaning services in KC that would make Cinderella blush. And why do we do it? Our maid service in Kansas City believes you deserve to live and work in spaces in the Kansas City metro area that are as brilliant as you are.


House Cleaners in Kansas City

We don’t just hire anyone to be part of our team. Oh no, we choose only those with a proven track record in the cleaning industry. Then we put our house cleaners in Kansas City through the wringer (figuratively, of course) with our rigorous training program. The result? A team at Mini Maid who can provide high-quality, professional cleaning in Kansas City.

So, whether you’re in Lenexa, Olathe, Spring Hill, Shawnee, Prairie Village, or anywhere in the Johnson County area, give us a call. You’ll get a free estimate, a host of discounts, and a clean that you’ll have to see to believe. Contact us today and let Mini Maid of Johnson County show you what premium commercial cleaning in Kansas City really looks like!