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Our Testimonials

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Love the work the ladies do. As well as the office staff. I could not ask for a better house cleaning service. Highly dependable, Trustworthy And they do a wonderful job!

Sundaye Wilson, 02/20/2020

I like everything about this company... So nice to come home and have my whole home clean at one time. They are very professional and do a great job. I have had a number of different teams and while I like some better than others they are all good. Thank you

Bridget Havey, 01/25/2020

Very thorough, very organized. The crew works quickly and efficiently, and the house looks wonderful when the crew is done. I have used Mini Maid of Johnson County multiple times and will use it again.

Bill Kempin, 01/16/2020

These women work hard and do a great job of cleaning my house. I look forward to their bi-weekly cleanings! Well worth the money.

Mary Minard, 12/10/2019

By far the very BEST cleaning service!! A company that strives to make their client happy!! My mother used the Mini Maids and now I do. Only ones we TRUST!!! Always 100% every time.

Patty Cake, 11/27/2019

I’ve been using Mini Maids for several years. Always dependable and thorough. Highly recommended. Nothing better than to come home to a clean house and be able to spend time with family instead of cleaning.

L Donham, 11/25/2019

Always polite and efficient! very nice people.

Cathy Heath-williams, 10/16/2019

A well-run business. They bend over backward to accommodate clients' needs. I love the fact that they are able to juggle schedules and adjust things without batting an eye when the client is in a bind.

Julie B, 10/11/2019

I'm a cancer patient and Mini Maid has been to my house several times, to help when I most needed it but hated anyone knowing it. They treated my home/me with extreme TLC. I'll be hiring them for further projects with no questions. They offer excellent service at a very fair price, are a delight to have in your home (though not at all intrusive) and make sure they've handled everything to your expectations.
When you hire Mini Maid you not only receive excellent service but help them support your community. (They leave behind a tiny bit dust...of the fairy variety ;)) I love 'em. You will too.

Coby Budridge, 09/17/2019

I have been using Mini Maids for 15 years or more and have never had an issue, always an excellent job, my daughter and my neighbor also use them now and love them as well. I would not trust anyone else. They are AWESOME!!!!!

Jennifer Hogan, 09/04/2019

I love working for mini maids. This business is a very friendly family-oriented company and we take pride in our work. We do our best to make our clients happy.

Sharon White, 07/02/2019

Nobody is ever perfect but the girls do a good job. They always show up and the company is very flexible with scheduling.

Christie Goebel, 06/07/2019

We have used Mini Maid for 18 months. They are always on time, efficient, reliable, and reasonably priced. They are very flexible if you need to adjust the schedule. The admin staff is very pleasant and always calls the day before your scheduled cleaning to let you know when the crew will arrive.

Melinda Whitman, 02/15/2019

Mini Maids have done a great job cleaning for me. They were thorough & very pleasant while cleaning. I would highly recommend them as they are willing to do whatever you ask them to do.

Patricia Neal, 02/13/2019

We have used Mini Maids Of Johnson County for about ten years. I have a lot of kids, so sometimes my house is not picked up for the housekeepers, and that's ok. They pile the stuff up in a corner and continue to clean. They always send over nice people and I have never had a problem with any of them.
I highly recommend Mini Maids for busy families.

Cynthia Thomas, 01/17/2019

Used mini maids for the first time today- we have family coming in town and needed a good thorough cleaning from top to bottom! Team 3 did a great job and the house looks and smells great. They asked questions if they weren't sure about something, and had me inspect to make sure I was happy. They even had me check the shower because they weren't sure it was clean enough - but I couldn't even see a spot! Great job!

Becky W, 10/13/2018

I've been using this cleaning service for over 2 years. Excellent! I tried several other services first and none came close to being as professional, trustworthy and friendly! I love these ladies and have always been thrilled with the quality of their work. Thank you, Tatiana, Shannon, and Kimmie. You are very much appreciated.

Kyle Smith, 03/16/2018

The service was wonderful. They did an impeccable job of cleaning and the women were all extremely professional. They were timely and polite. It's pricey but worth it.

Elizabeth Walter, 02/17/2018

I've been using this cleaning service for over 2 years. Excellent! I tried several other services first and none came close to being as professional, trustworthy and friendly! I love these ladies and have always been thrilled with the quality of their work.
Thank you, Sherri, Elizabeth and the rest of the team. You are very much appreciated!

Mary Lynch, 11/07/2017

I have utilized Mini Maids of Johnson County for over 10 years. The service has been impeccable. I have had excellent customer service from the office with scheduling; they have been highly responsive to any additional needs. Their carpet cleaning service is excellent as well.
I am extremely pleased and feel totally comfortable with the girls in my home during my absence. I highly recommend their services.

Monte-jane Mitten, 04/07/2017

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