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Maintaining a tidy home seems straightforward – just dust, sweep, mop weekly, right? Not quite according to Mini Maid, a top maid service in Kansas City! Cleaning is an art, with common blunders more rampant than you’d think. You might unknowingly be guilty of them. From sparkling carpets to gleaming oven glass, cleaning involves subtleties which is why people hire house cleaning in Kansas City to help with this.

In this chaotic world, sometimes it’s a grubby, swampy mess in here! Mastering the art of a spotless home is vital to dodge the dirt. Your Grandma’s advice might not be cutting-edge. Don’t you crave a pristine sanctuary? Our maid service in Kansas City is here to debunk the top four cleaning myths!

Maid Service in Kansas City: Spending a sunny day cleaning your windows

It could seem like the ideal day to open your windows and give your home a thorough cleaning when the sun is shining. However, you might want to wait until the next rainy day to clean your window glass. The sun dries down window cleaner more quickly, leaving streaky residue in its wake.

What then is the right way to wash your windows (naturally on a cloudy day)? First, our professional maid service in Kansas City knows that you should be using microfiber cloths to thoroughly dust your frame. Also, give your window screens a thorough vacuuming to get rid of any accumulated dust or dirt.

You can also try using homemade window cleaning solutions to get your window glass clean. They don’t leave any streaks behind and are soft!

Maid Service in Kansas City: Using Windex to clean oven windows

Glass ovens require a different cleaning routine than regular ovens. Our maid service in Kansas City knows that a lot of homeowners make the mistake of using paper towels and regular Windex to clean oven glass.

If you’ve ever attempted this, you are aware of the potentially disastrous results. Your allergies may even be aggravated by household cleaners! So, what is the most effective way to clean oven glass then other than hiring house cleaning in Kansas City?

A baking soda and warm water solution works great for a basic cleaning. You can wipe this paste-like solution onto the glass of your oven. Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove it with a warm, moist cloth. Tada!

You can also use an ammonia-soaked paper towel for more stubborn stains. Ammonia aids in the gradual breakdown of accumulated dirt. Alternatively, you can use a razor blade to scrape burn stains off and then use the ammonia paper towel.


Maid service in Kansas City

Maid Service in Kansas City:Handling Carpet Stains Incorrectly

When something spills on your carpet or your pet has an accident, what should you do? It could be your first impulse to directly spray cleaner onto the stain. However, this is a serious cleaning error that may exacerbate stains and leave unpleasant scents behind. What are some recommendations for treating stains when cleaning carpets?

Our professional cleaning service in Kansas City knows that treating carpet stains correctly involves misting a cloth with cleaner. Use the cloth to gently dab the stain down rather than rubbing or soaking it up. Rinse the area with cool water after continuing this process until the stain has disappeared.

What about kitchen utensils? Pots and Pans?

It might seem simple to clean your forks and spoons as well as a cast iron skillet. However, the arrangement of these items in your dishwasher can have a significant impact. Forks should be left standing with their tines facing up in your dishwasher for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Spread out your spoons so that some are facing up and some are facing down.

A cleaning service in Kansas City explains you should never put a cast iron skillet in the dishwasher to clean it. Additionally, you shouldn’t ever soak it in water and dish soap.

After using your cast iron skillet, give it a quick cleaning. Use a brush, a sponge, and hot water to wash it. Additionally, avoid using dish soap or wool. Warm water mixed with kosher salt works well for removing stubborn dirt.


What about the kind of cleaner you use? Here is a list of common cleaners that could be doing you harm.

Maid Service in Kansas City: Bleach vs Ammonia

Two of the most widely used household cleaners are ammonia and bleach. These goods are made of entirely different substances. Their only similarity is that they are both caustic and transparent!

The most crucial thing to remember is that bleach and ammonia should never be combined. It can release a poisonous gas that is occasionally known to be lethal. Hiring a professional for house cleaning in Kansas City can help you avoid this deadly mishap!

Bleach possesses remarkable antimicrobial qualities. It is essentially a poison of low grade that is lethal to nearly all living things. This includes spooky things like fungus and mold. However, ammonia works well as a surface cleaner. It is very effective on glass and hard tabletops such as Formica.

Vinegar and Ammonia

Ammonia and vinegar are a bad combination as well. This won’t produce a toxic combo, but you’ll be completely wasting your time. Ammonia and vinegar have opposite PH levels, vinegar is a strong acid while ammonia is extremely basic.
This implies that they balance each other out when combined. As a leading maid service in Kansas City, we know that comparing the neutral by-products to just one of these chemicals alone, they hardly clean anything.

Maid Service in Kansas City


Using Bleach to Clean the Microwave

An assortment of nasty things can be found in a microwave oven. Most likely, it isn’t heavily contaminated with living organisms like molds or viruses. Consider this, we are discussing an oven! You essentially sanitize a cup of coffee when you reheat it in the microwave.

As a leading maid service in Kansas City, our team at Mini Maid knows why it is not a good idea to use bleach in a microwave. Even though it’s been sanitized, it’s still dirty! To clean out the slime that has accumulated in your microwave, use an actual degreasing agent. Only dead bacteria will be destroyed by bleach.

Maid Service in Kansas City: Myths about Antibacterials Debunked

“Bacteria” has an unfavorable connotation. Therefore, “anti-bacterial” must be advantageous, right? Well, that depends.

There is not even the slightest indication that using antibacterial soaps and cleaners are good for your health, according to some of the top house cleaners in Kansas City. Your home won’t be any cleaner, and your kids won’t get sick any more frequently. You won’t be any healthier, but you will spend a little more money on a product that is labeled “anti-bacterial” and have more chemicals in your home.

Hire a Professional Maid Service in Kansas City

It might seem simple to clean your windows, carpet, and kitchenware in addition to oven glass. However, if you don’t clean them properly, you might be making a more serious mess. Maybe you don’t have time to tidy up your house? If so, call Mini Maid for a professional house cleaning in Kansas City. Alternatively, you might have put off cleaning your house for too long. and you have a huge mess to tidy up now. No worries; our deep cleaning services in Kansas City will rescue you!


Looking for a sparkling clean home or office without lifting a finger? Say no more! At Mini Maid of Johnson County, we’re not just another cleaning service in Kansas City. We’re the Johnson County fairy godmothers of tidiness, the KC wizards of wipe-downs, and the Kansas superheroes of sanitation.

With over 40 years of experience under our vacuum belts, Mini Maid has mastered the art of house cleaning in Kansas City, commercial cleaning services in Kansas City, and even those deep cleaning services in KC that would make Cinderella blush. And why do we do it? Our maid service in Kansas City believes you deserve to live and work in spaces in the Kansas City metro area that are as brilliant as you are.


Maid Service in Kansas City


We don’t just hire anyone to be part of our team. Oh no, we choose only those with a proven track record in the cleaning industry. Then we put our house cleaners in Kansas City through the wringer (figuratively, of course) with our rigorous training program. The result? A team at Mini Maid who can provide high-quality, professional cleaning in Kansas City.

So, whether you’re in Lenexa, Olathe, Spring Hill, Shawnee, Prairie Village, or anywhere in the Johnson County area, give us a call. You’ll get a free estimate, a host of discounts, and a clean that you’ll have to see to believe. Contact us today and let Mini Maid of Johnson County show you what premium commercial cleaning in Kansas City really looks like!