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The great city of Overland Park is much more than a suburb of Kansas City, and has a lot of awesome and unique experiences to enjoy no matter what your taste or group ages are! As a local house cleaning service in Overland Park, KS, we would know! See some of our top things to do in Overland Park, KS below.

Museum at Prairiefire

Visit The Museum at PrairieFire

The beautiful museum’s main exterior feature is a wall of colorful dichroic glass – the first application on any building in North America! Which is meant to reflect the imagery of the “tallgrass prairie”. The glass is color-shifting, depending on what view you have, creating the effect of a prairie fire. The museum is made up of a few different sections, some of which are designed to be hands-on and geared toward children such as the Discovery Room, and there is also a Great Hall where you can learn about how science and technology are used. There is also a giant T-rex skeleton!

The Overland Park Arboretum

Nature-lovers should definitely check out the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in south Overland Park which are spread over an amazing 300 acres of lush land. On a typical visit here you will find over 200 different types of birds as well as more than 75+ kinds of trees, and there are also themed gardens here in a range of gorgeous styles. It does cost a few dollars to enter, but it is not too expensive for the experience and unique nature it brings to those who visit.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead offers some fantastic fun for all the family and is one of the most loved children’s attractions in the city of Overland Park, KS. You can learn all about life on the farm, see a ton of different animals, and there are a range of interactive exhibits where you can feed goats, ride in a properly horse-drawn carriage, or even go digging for gold. If you have younger children, this is definitely a must-visit. Check their prices and hours on their website at today.

Top Golf in Overland Park, KS

Although this is not unique to Overland Park, as it is a franchise, it is one of the funniest places you can go for adults and families with older children. If you want to play a round of golf with a twist, then you need to head to Topgolf where you can play against family and friends to see who the best golfer of the bunch is! Top Golf has several different types of “games” you can play, making it a refreshingly unique experience every time. Golf balls are micro-chipped so that you can immediately see the speed, distance & accuracy of each ball hit, and players are awarded points accordingly.

Indian Creek Hike and Bike Trail

With the Indian Creek Trail, over 10 miles of the trails are said to be part of Overland Park, so you will have a lot of terrains and starting points to choose from, including Foxhill South Park or Corporate Woods. The trail is known for being flat which means that it provides a leisurely day either biking or hiking and is suitable for all levels of ability. For those that want a more active experience or enjoy walks, the Indian Creek Hike and Bike Trail is one of the best quality trails in the KC metro.

Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

For the art-lovers, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (NMOCA) has one of the top internationally acclaimed collections of emerging and established artists today. Public Art Review magazine named JCCC as one of the top 10 university/college campuses for public art in America, citing the sculptures, paintings, ceramics, photography, and more installed throughout the campus. Admission is free and you can check their hours at